Dr. Mario 64

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Game Description

Dr. Mario 64 is a classic puzzle game that combines elements of puzzle and skill-based games. This game is a continuation of the iconic Dr. Mario and transports players into a colorful, swirling world full of blocks, where the player's task is to eliminate viruses by arranging capsules to match colors and eliminate configurations threatening the viruses. In this installment of the Dr. Mario series, Dr. Mario appears for the first time in a three-dimensional world on the Nintendo 64 console, and in addition to the classic gameplay mode, new elements have been introduced, including multiplayer mode.


In Dr. Mario 64, players manipulate capsules as they fall, shifting them left or right and rotating them to place them next to viruses and existing capsules. When four or more halves of capsules or viruses of the same color are arranged in a horizontal or vertical configuration, they are removed from the board. The player loses if the game field fills up with capsules to the point where it blocks the narrow neck of the bottle. Points are awarded when viruses are destroyed.

Game Modes

Dr. Mario 64 includes both classic, well-known gameplay and new, interesting game modes.

  • Classic - This mode has similar settings and design to the original Dr. Mario game on the NES.
  • Story - In this mode, players can take control of Dr. Mario or Wario to find stolen Megavitamins, battling computer-controlled players along the way.
  • Vs. CPU - In this mode, players can battle the computer as any character they played or fought against.
  • Flash - In this mode, players must eliminate three specific flashing viruses faster than the computer.
  • Marathon - This mode consists of an endless field of growing viruses, which doesn't end until the player gives up or loses.
  • Score Attack - In this mode, players have three minutes to remove all viruses and achieve a high score.

The multiplayer mode also allows for up to four players to compete simultaneously in Classic, Flash, or Score Attack matches.

Features of Dr. Mario 64

  • Introduction of multiplayer mode: Added multiplayer mode allows for competition with other players, adding a competitive element.
  • Level and difficulty variety: The game offers many difficulty levels, from easy for beginners to more advanced for experienced players.
  • Simple yet addictive gameplay: The game mechanics are easy to understand but provide challenge and satisfaction for players.

Basic Information

  • Release Date: April 1, 2001 (North America)
  • Genre: Puzzle game
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platform: Nintendo 64
  • Number of Players: 1-4

Gameplay Fragment from Dr. Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

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